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The Brett Favre celebrity doll portrays him as the American football quarterback who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.  The 12 inch action figure was made by Hasbro in 1998.

From the box:

Acquired from Atlanta in a 1992 trade, Brett Favre has been making NFL history for the Green Bay Packers ever since. Favre kicked off the 1996 season with his now famous words “Don’t bet against me,” as he proved himself worthy by leading the Pack to a Super Bowl XXXI win and being named the MVP for the season. Also in 1996, he broke his own NFL record with 39 touchdown tosses, finishing second in the league’s quarterback ratings race with 95.8.
Favre has led the Pack to four consecutive playoff appearances – the first time the team has achieved that status since the 1960s. In 1994, he passed for 3,882 yards and 33 touchdowns, setting a Packers’ record for passer rating with 82.2. Leading Green Bay to the NFC Championship Game in 1995, Farve was voted MVP, and led the NFC in passer rating at 99.5, his 38 touchdown passes being the third-most ever. Along the way, Favre has earned three Pro Bowl selections.
In his first playoff game with the Packers, Favre completed an amazing pass for Green Bay. With less than a minute remaining, he threw an off balance, across-the-field pass that teammate Sterling Sharpe caught for a game-winning touchdown.
The kid from Kiln (pronounced Kill) Mississippi, Farve played baseball and football at Hancock North Central High School, where his father was his football coach. At Southern Mississippi, Favre had an outstanding college football career, setting numerous school records and leading the team to two bowl victories.

The doll sports a miniature Green Bay Packers uniform with a Favre #4 football jersey, soft plastic shoulder pads, gold buckled yellow belted hip padded football pants, green and white knee socks, green and yellow striped white football cleats, terry cloth wristbands and waist towel, a plastic removable padded Green Bay helmet, and a plastic football.  Everything is removable although the towel is tacked with thread to the pants.  The pants can be removed without undoing the towel.  Wristbands have Velcro closures.

The doll is full articulated at wrists, elbows, biceps,  shoulders, waist, knees, ankles and neck.  Head tilts and twists.


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