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The Joe Montana celebrity doll is 1:6 replica of him as a San Fransisco 49ers football player from the Starting Lineup Sports Superstar Collectible collection action figure collection. The 1997 Edition Starting Lineup Collectible was made by Hasbro in 1997.

From the box:


He’s been called “Joe Cool” and “Mr. January” but what’s most often said about Joe Montana is that there is “no finer Forty-niner.”

Joe Montana was born is Western Pennsylvania, the part of the country known for its coal mines and quarterbacks. First demonstrating his eleventh hour heroics in college football at Notre Dame, he proved that although mild-mannered in nature, he could be tough as nails if the situation warranted. His 35-34 win against the University of Houston in 1978 made for the greatest comeback in collegiate history.

A third round draft pick of San Francisco in 1979, the 49ers were a lackluster team at best. Though he spent most of his first and part of his second season on the bench, he was able to show his stuff in the 7th seek of his second season when the coach switched quarterbacks. Montana responded by giving the team a much needed charge with his scrambling ability and intelligent playing. Overall for the season, he completed 176 of his 273 passes for a league-leading .645 completion percentage.

Though Montana would spearhead comeback after comeback, he hung his helmet on one play in particular—the 1982 NFC game against Dallas, forever known in San Francisco lore as “the Catch.” With just 58 seconds left in the game, the ball on the Dallas 6 yard line, Montana dropped back and lofted a pass high into the end zone, where Dwight Clark leaped the full extent of his height to pull it down, winning the game 27-31. Two weeks later, Montana would lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl win over the Cincinnati Bengals, completing 14 of 22 passes and winning MVP honors.

Twenty-nine times, he rallied his team back from the brink of defeat with the clock running into the final minutes of play. As the accolades continued, Joe Montana became the only quarterback in history to sport 40,000 career passing yards and four Super Bowl championships.

With injuries testing his greatness, Montana pulled off one more comeback after joining the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993, as he took them to their first AFC Western division championship in 22 years, then brought them back in two playoff games wit his trademark come-from-behind wins.

Joe Montana called it quits in 1995 after 16 years in the NFL. Montana may have finished his career with Chiefs, but to most football fans, he will forever be a 49er.

The Joe Montana action figure comes wearing a uniform from the San Francisco 49ers.  The top is a 49ers red football jersey with #16 decals on front, back and sleeves, and MONTANA on the back in white.   Underneath the football jersey is a soft plastic shoulder and chest pad harness strapped to the body (Visit the Brett Favre doll to see photos of the Starting Lineup shoulder pad harness).  The bottom of the uniform is detailed, padded, gold with red and white striped football pants.  Pants have an elastic waist so they can be taken off and for tucking in the jersey. Red and white striped football socks under white, gray, and black football cleats finish the bottom.   A white towel tucks into the belt at the waist and white terry sweat bands Velcro on the wrists.  The version of the jersey in the Celebrity Doll Museum collection has a Kenner tag sewn on the outside side seam, which may be a quality control issue.

Accessories include a padded plastic gold with red SF insignia and red and white striped football helmet with a silver plastic guard and a slightly undersized for the scale plastic football.  

The action figure is articulated at the wrist, elbow, shoulders, neck, waist, hips knees, and ankles. Head tilts and turns as does the waist.  The doll can be fairly easily be balanced in poses to stand on it’s own. 

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