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The Joe Namath celebrity doll is 1:6 replica of him as a 1969 New York Jets football player.  The Starting Lineup Football Hall of Fame Legends collection action figure was made by Hasbro in 1998 and came in a set with Johnny Unitas to commemorate Super Bowl III.

From the box:

New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts

January 12, 1969

It is known as the game that changed the course of pro football. The AFL’s New York Jets against the heavily favored NFL’s Baltimore Colts. A new breed of quarterback was going face-to-face with a perennial favorite.

The Jets were 16-point underdogs against a team that had lost only once in 16 games. Despite the odds, Jet’s quarterback, Joe Namath, boldly proclaimed three days before the historic contest, “We’re going to win this game. I guarantee it!”

To just about everyone’s surprise, Namath’s pre-game prediction came true, as he led the Jets to a shocking 16-7 upset over the powerful Colts. Namath’s stunning performance also earned him MVP honors, having completed 17 of 28 passes fir 206 yards.

In a memorable play in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, veteran quarter Johnny Unitas – who had missed most of the season with elbow injuries – came off the bench and led the Colts to their only touchdown of the game. Unitas, a team man through and through, was willing to go to any lengths for his team.

But the Jets were simply a better team that day!


A masterful play-caller with a superior passing arm, Joe Namath;s extravagant style and magnetism on and off the field made him one of the most publicized quarterbacks in football. “Broadway Joe,” as he was known, enjoyed many outstanding days on the FL and NFL gridirons during his pro career from 1965 to 1977. Hoe Namath’s induction into the Football Hall of Fame came on August 3, 1985.


The Joe Namath action figure comes wearing an away uniform from the Super Bowl Jets vs Colts.  The top is a Jets green and white football jersey with #12 decals on front, back and sleeves, and NAMATH on the back.   Underneath the football jersey is a soft plastic shoulder and chest pad harness strapped to the body (Visit the Brett Favre doll to see photos of the Starting Lineup shoulder pad harness).  The bottom of the uniform is detailed, padded, striped football pants held up by a metal gold toned buckled cloth belt.  Pants have an elastic waist so they can be taken off and for tucking in the jersey.  Striped football knee high socks and plastic football cleats finish the bottom.   A white towel tucks into the belt at the waist and white terry sweat bands Velcro on the wrists. 

Accessories include a plastic Jets insignia foot ball helmet with silver plastic guard and a soft plastic mouth strap and a slightly undersized for the scale plastic football.  

The action figure is articulated at the wrist, elbow, shoulders, neck, waist, hips knees, and ankles. Head tilts and turns as does the waist.  The doll can be fairly easily be balanced in poses to stand on it’s own. 

The Celebrity Doll Museum™ also has the Johnny Unitas action figure in the collection.

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