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Justin Bieber doll depicts Bieber at about 15 years old with the comb forward hairstyle.  It was made by Bieber Time Merchandise in 2010 and manufactured by Bridge Direct.  The doll is part of the JB Award Style Collection and was release as a series in various outfits.

This doll comes in a clamshell plastic package with welded ridges rather than a tradition windowed box.  The Justin Bieber doll, despite the clamshell, stands out as an example of simple elegance. It wasn’t an expensive doll, but what it does it does well.

This doll is wearing a purple cotton collared shirt with black buttons, black denim jean, black denim vest, black bow tie, purple high top sneakers, and holds black sunglasses.  The doll comes with a miniature ‘I Love Justin Bieber’ magazine and a black and silver microphone.  The signature Bieber hair is styled as two toned solid vinyl  and doll’s head only moves right to left.   The face paint is simple and clean and so is the painted on blue underwear.  One arm is fixed and one bends at the elbow.  Legs are straight but move forward and backwards at the hip joint.

The box reads:

Home videos made him an online phenomenon, and now he’s an international superstar!

Justin Bieber dominates the charts and captures little girls’ hearts with his catchy songs and signature style!

Price check the Justin Bieber doll on Amazon.

Price check the Justin Bieber doll on Ebay

The museum also has a 2011 singing version of the Justin Bieber doll with rooted hair.

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  1. Please make the new version of Justin Bieber
    From: Mag, Indonesia

  2. I always wanted a Justin Bieber doll secretly!

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