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The Justin Bieber celebrity doll portrays him as himself  at seventeen.  The singing doll was made by Bridge Direct in 2011 as part of the  JB Performance Collection sold exclusively at Toys R Us. 

From the box:

From viral video phenomenon to international superstar, Justin Bieber’s rise to fame proves that if you follow your dreams anything is possible!

JB Performance Collection dolls play a clip of one of Justin’s hit songs and feature signature outfits from his music videos and performances. Collect them all for the true Bieber Fever experience!


Pushing a button on the dolls belly plays a clip of the song “Born to Be Somebody” , one of the theme songs for the movie “Never Say Never.” 

Hear the audio track from the Justin Bieber doll belly speaker:


The doll’s outfit is from a November 29, 2010 press conference where he received a gold disc.

More Pics of Justin Bieber Basketball Sneakers (1 of 12) - Justin Bieber Lookbook - StyleBistro
(November 29, 2010 – Source: Bauer Griffin)


The song lyrics are “There’s a dream in my soul, a fire that’s deep inside me. There’s a me no one knows, waiting to be set free/ I’m gonna see that day, I can feel it, I can taste it, change is coming my way.”

The action figure’s arms bend at elbows, legs at the knees and ankles.  Hips and shoulders rotate around back and forth   Head moves left and right and left.  No waist or wrist  movement.

Inside the doll’s stomach is a speaker in belly that plays music by pushing belly button.  Change batteries in the back.  A switch for demo, off, or the  longer 30 second version of song is on the torso under the arm.

The doll has a lower stomach tattoo and blank painted underwear.  No socks, the grey high top sneakers with white painted laces come off by a slit in the back of the shoe.  Removable tight black pants (Velcro closure), sleeveless white t-shirt, and gray pleather jacket with zipper tongs and silver buttons and front belt with buckle.

The hair comes straight down in front like bangs and  is not exactly Bieber style, but with a little water the soluble hair glue allows you to arrange and restyle to sweeping  Bieber style.

The only accessory is  a brown plastic acoustic guitar.

A commercial for the JB Toys Justin Bieber doll is available on YouTube.

There is also a MomTV interview with Jay Foreman, the doll’s creator, from the 2011 Toy Fair in New York City when the Justin Bieber doll with hair was released.

Price check the Justin Bieber doll on Amazon.

Price check the Justin Bieber doll on Ebay

The museum also has a 2010 non-singing version of the Justin Bieber doll with molded hair.

LR44 batteries on Amazon

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