May 282014

The Cody Simpson doll depict him at 14 as himself, a teen idol and R&B/pop singer from Australia.  The doll was made in 2011 by The Wish Factory Inc. with the release of his album Coast to Coast.  The doll was released in two formats, one was a singing doll.  This is the non singing version and the box reads:

Off the web and on top of the charts, Cody Simpson’s meteoric rise to pop stardom proves nothing is impossible if you follow your heart. Each doll in this “Back Stage Pass Series” features a Cody Collectible Guitar Pick that you can wear around your neck or use to strum along to one of the hit songs that took this Down Under dreamer and made him an international superstar!

The Cody Simpson celebrity doll comes wearing a white t-shirt with a Gold Coast t-shirt and a pair of khaki tan pants. It appears to be the same body as the Justin Bieber doll (same company made them) without the tattoo and includes the painted on blue underwear. Accessories include black sunglasses, a pair of black with white sole sneakers, a microphone, and a human sized blue Cody Simpson guitar pick and lanyard.

Price check the Cody Simpson doll on Amazon.

Price check the Cody Simpson doll on Ebay

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