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The Michael Jackson celebrity doll depicts him as himself in his 1991 Black or White music video.  It was made by Street Life in 1997 and licensed by (c) 1997 Triumph International.  This is the Fashion doll version of the doll. Street Life also made a singing version using the song Black or White and a separate red Beat It outfit to fit the dolls. The collection was released in Europe to coincide with the 1997 HIStory World Tour.

Jackson’s youngest son, Blanket, as a 7 year old carried the singing version of this doll at his father’s funeral in 2009.  The doll still reminds me of that heartbreaking day.

The Jackson doll comes wearing a knit white v-neck tshirt with velcro closure in back with a white knit collared long sleeve overshirt, black pants with velcro fly, white painted on underwear, white socks, black dress shoes,  soft black plastic braces/pads on legs, and soft off white plastic cast on right wrist.  All of the clothing is removable. 

The Michael Jackson action figure is articulated at the waist, wrist, elbows, hips, knees, neck (side to side, very slight tilt)and limited shoulders.  The hair comes tied back in a pony tail.

The Celebrity Doll Museum also has the 1984 LJN AMA costumed version of the Michael Jackson doll in the collection.


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  1. This doll is so cute. I have the same one. When I saw Blanket with one at the memorial service, I decided I had to have one. Found one on eBay brand new in its original box. I’ll never let go of it.

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