Mar 132014

The Michael Jackson celebrity doll was made by LJN in 1984.  The doll depicts Michael Jackson in his AMA costume and is called  “American Music Awards”.  Three other dolls in the series were produced that year in his Grammy, Thriller, and Beat it outfits.

The original 1984 commercial for the Michael Jackson dolls is viewable on YouTube.


Another set of Jackson celebrity dolls was produced for sale in Europe  by Street Life/Triumph International in 1997 during his HIStory World Tour.  The Celebrity Doll Museum™  has the Street Life fashion doll version in the collection.


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  7 Responses to “Michael Jackson (LJN)”

  1. Playmates toys released 4 Michael Jackson dolls in different iconic outfits as of Fall 2010

    Hot-Toys has come out with 4 in recent years aswell

  2. I have the AMA Michael Jackson doll from 1984. its out of the box, and has been broken at the waist. Is there any way to fix him and what is his worth?

    • It’s broken, therefore, ain’t worth a shit.

    • It’s not gonna be worth much is anything now . I’d just keep for yourself. It’s all about condition of it being kept in its original box not being taken out of the box at all

  3. Does anyone have all the outfits for the doll plus a mic a glove and sunglasses and a new pair of socks

  4. Has anyone noticed the deliberate differences in Michael’s complexion between boxes? I have the AMA and Grammy dolls with boxes and just noticed, front and back, same photo, one is clearly airbrushed, seemingly to make Michael lighter and younger looking.

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