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The Michelle Williams celebrity doll depicts her as Glinda, the Good, Witch of the South, in the 2013 film Oz the Great and Powerful.  The American actress got her first big break in her role as  Jen Lindley in teen television drama Dawson’s Creek.  The doll was made by Jakks Pacific under Disney licensing in 2013 .

The  Michelle Williams doll is part of a five doll Oz the Great and Powerful collection:

From the box:


A land that is uniquely strange yet eerily familiar, filled with exotic plants and flowers and intensely sparkling water. It is like no place you have ever seen! This mystical place and its inhabitants hid many secrets. Now, you can experience the magic of this amazing land and the fantastical adventure in your own home with these fabulously beautiful dolls.


the gorgeous heroine, is the picture of goodness and grace in her beautiful gold and white satin gown and sparkling tiara. She carries her magical wand, the source of her special power.

The doll wears a floor length white gown, with a plastic crown on the head,  and knee high off white boots.  A plastic wand is also included.  The gown and crown can be removed.  Boots go and off easily and there is white camisole underwear painted on the doll body.  A child sized plastic letter G charm is also included.

The box is an interesting cardboard plastic clam-shell combo and the doll is mostly attached with elastic fasteners.  The entire back and sides are pretty much covered in cellophane tape to hold everything in place.

The doll is articulated at neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips.   Posing option are limited and hands are straight so the wand can only be held with a polyband holding it in place.

To get the current prices of the Michelle Williams Glinda doll use these links:

Price check Michelle Williams doll on Ebay Price check the Michelle Williams doll on Amazon

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