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The Mila Kunis celebrity doll portrays her as the character Theodora, the Wicked Witch of the West, in the 2013 film Oz the Great and Powerful.  The American actress Kunis is best know for her role as Jackie Burkhart on the television series That ’70s Show.   The doll was made by Jakks Pacific under Disney licensing in 2013 .


The Mila Kunis as Theodora doll is part of a five doll Oz the Great and Powerful collection:

From the box:


A land that is uniquely strange yet eerily familiar, filled with exotic plants and flowers and intensely sparkling water. It is like no place you have ever seen! This mystical place and its inhabitants hid many secrets. Now, you can experience the magic of this amazing land and the fantastical adventure in your own home with these fabulously beautiful dolls.


is bright and beautiful in her travel ensemble, complete with her fabulous floppy hat and ruby ring to conjure up her special power. She appears so lovely and innocent to the fate that awaits her.


The doll wears  a purple lined red felt jacket with a wide collar, cuffs and pocket flaps.  Under the red jacket are black stretch pants with tights’ feet with a silver buckled attached ribbon belt. The pants are made of a black dot on black stretchy material.  A sleeveless satin white v-neck blouse with a laced collar and a velcro closure in the back finishes the clothing.  On the head is a bright red, wide brimmed, relatively heavy rubberized plastic hat with a three white plastic gray tipped feathers on top.  On the feet are split up the back, texturized plastic knee high black boots that easily slip on and off over the pant/tights. 

The doll is designed for play. The red jacket comes tacked to the black pants to keep it in place but everything can be removed.  Boots go and off easily and there is bright red painted camisole underwear on the doll body. On the right hand middle finger is a molded red stone silver ring.

The box is an interesting cardboard plastic clamshell combo and the doll is mostly attached with elastic fasteners.  The entire back and sides are pretty much covered in cellophane tape to hold everything in place.  The back of the box has perforation marks where you are supposed to cut the doll out of the box, but as a collector if you wish to retain the box be prepared to cut through a lot of tape to release all the cardboard and plastic tabs holding it together.  Because the hat is so large it goes behind the head, the doll’s head is not attached to the box. 

Included with the doll is a child-sized plastic ‘ T’  bonus charm.

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