May 192014

The Ozzy Osbourne celebrity doll depicts him as himself at the time of his MTV reality show about his  family called The Osbournes. The show ran from 2002 until 2005. The Ozzy doll was manufactured by Fun-4-All Corp in 2002 with a license from the Signatures Network as part of series that included his family. Sharon, Kelly, and Jack appeared with him on the show. The Celebrity Doll Museum has the entire Osbourne talking doll collection.

Osbourne  is a Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter whose career began in 1968 as vocalist for the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath.  After 1978 his long solo career and marriage to Sharon Adler led to more fame, fortune, and finally a reality TV star.

Only the  head, below the knees, and arms from just above the elbow down are vinyl.  The rest of the doll is cloth.  The cloth sections are wired to bend and hold a pose, but the head is fixed.   The doll has two toned red and black hair and the doll comes with attached sunglasses that can be raised.   The black coat can be removed but the pants, black shirt and shoes are part of the doll body.   This was sold as a talking doll, but the particular doll the museum owns no longer has a working battery and there is no way to change it without breaking the seams of the cloth chest.

We ripped out the stitches and changed the batteries after all. To listen to the soundtrack recorded from the belly speaker of the doll, click below.


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  1. We have one of these dolls that talks is it worth any thing it is in excellent shape . we dont have the box

  2. Do you sell the dolls? If so where do I go to get one? I really want the Ozzy one. I am a huge fan and collector. Please send me info if possible. Or call 1-(586)###-####. Thank you Tom Wright

  3. I have three Ozzy Dolls… One is Bark at the Moon Limited Edition #13552 still in the box, One is Blizzard of Ozz Limited Edition #00362 and the third one is Bark at the Moon ( SPAWN )
    My Cell Number is 832-540-8633 …. i do not get voice mails feel free to text me & i will call you back asap. Thank YOU

    • I also have three barbie dolls, one sun flower barbie, one cancer barbie & one aries barbie all dolls Ozzy & Barbie’s are still in the box and have never been open. Thank You.

  4. I have this one & Sharon dolls still in the box never been open. They don’t talk anymore because the batteries went dead & I don’t want to open the boxes.Are they worth anything? No interested in selling them them just curious. Thank y’all

  5. I have all four dolls still in box.

  6. I have two of them still in the box $300 a piece my phone number is 989 387-7658 I’m in Lansing Michigan

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