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The Sharon Osbourne celebrity doll depicts her as herself at the time of her family’s MTV reality show called The Osbournes. The show ran from 2002 until 2005. The Sharon Osbourne doll was manufactured by Fun-4-All Corp in 2002 with a license from the Signatures Network as part of series that included her family. Daughter Kelly, son Jack, and husband Ozzy appeared with her on the show.

Sharon’s husband Ozzy Osbourne is a Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter whose career began in 1968 as vocalist for the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath. After 1978 his long solo career and marriage to Sharon Adler led to more fame, fortune, and finally a reality TV star.

The doll box reads

Since their debut, The Osbourne Family- the new “first family of television” – has won the hearts of millions of viewers with their infectious, if slightly oddball, antics. Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack have completely redefined the family experience of the modern age!

Unlike most celebrity dolls, this collection is part bendable plush and part vinyl doll. Only the head, below the knees, and arms from just above the elbow down are vinyl, the rest of the doll is cloth. The cloth sections are wired to bend and hold a pose, but the head is fixed.

The doll has plastic brown hair . The outfit is all black with long faux patent leather pants and a long sleeved shirt.   Around the neck is a gold cross pendant tied with gold sting. All the clothing is removable, except the sewn in white underwear and the black plastic pumps.

This was sold as a talking doll, but the doll,which was over 10 years old at the time,  had barely working batteries and the talk box just garbled. The batteries had expired and started to leak, fortunately, not into the talk box.  To access and change the battery inside (3 LR44 button batteries) the seam on the doll’s back was opened and the doll again speaks clearly with fresh batteries.

There are 6 phrases that play when pressing on the doll stomach.  To hear the sound track from the Sharon Osbourne doll embedded belly speaker with fresh batteries click below:


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