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The Renée O’Connor as the character  Gabrielle doll from the adventure series Xena: Warrior Princess was manufactured by Toy Biz, Inc. in 1998.  Xena: Warrior Princess aired in syndication from September 4, 1995 until May 21, 2001

This first version of  Renee OConnor as Gabrielle doll comes wearing an orange burlap wrap around skirt with a felt orange metric design belt.   The shirt is a khaki and olive green cotton quilted crop top. The boots are a brown suede stitched up the sides.  The hair is adorned with a braided leather headband.  The underwear are made of a faux brown fur type material with velcro closures.

The doll carries a plastic silver and brown staff.   The doll bends at the knees with joints at the waist, neck, hips, and shoulders.  The arms are straight and do not bend.



ToyBiz released the following Xena: Warrior Princess dolls

12 inch Dolls: Versions 1

12 inch Dolls: Versions 2

  • Warlord Xena from “Armageddon Now”
  • Amazon Princess Gabrielle from “The Quest” (also in the museum)
  • Ares from “The Deliverer”
  • Roman Xena

12 inch Dolls: Versions 3

  • Shamaness Xena from “Adventures in the Sin Trade”
  • Evil Xena from “Armageddon Now”
  • Empress Gabrielle from “The Bitter Suite”


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