Jan 012018

The Lucy Lawless as the character Xena doll from the adventure series Xena: Warrior Princess was manufactured by Toy Biz, Inc. in 1998.  Xena: Warrior Princess aired in syndication from September 4, 1995 until May 21, 2001.

Xena Dolls :   6 versions of  Xena Roman (Xena, Shamaness Xena,  Evil Xena,  Warlord Xena “Armagedoo”, Roman Xena, Empress Xena, ) , 3 versions of Gabrielle (Gabrielle, Gabrielle Amazon Princess “the Quest”,  Empress Gabrielle played by Renée O’Connor), Callisto (played by actress Hudson Leick , Ares(played by Kevin Smith), and the horse Breyer.

The doll is dressed in a leatherette and plastic fighting costume.  Leatherette knee high boots and black underwear complete the outfit.  It includes a plastic sword and  Charkram.  The doll twists at the neck and waist with joints at the shoulders and hips and bendable knees.


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