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The Cher celebrity doll portrays her as herself from the Sonny & Cher TV series. It was made by Mego in 1976  in the The Mackie Collection Dolls series.  This doll is the first of three versions (Growing Hair and bathing suit/hollow body Cher) made from 1976-1978.  A full line of Mackie clothes, home and stage playsets, and a Sonny doll (Sonny Bono) were also made during that time.  The dolls are over 12 inches tall.

In 2007 Mattel made a series of Barbie Collector Series Cher dolls, some in extremely limited editions.  See Cher (2007) doll for photos and more information about the doll.  Cher has an official website at www.cher.com and her forum under merchandising has some good posts where you can learn more about Cher dolls and other collectibles. Check out The Cher Museum for all your Cher needs.

The 1976 version comes wearing a 70’s style salmon pink armless evening gown and chunky plastic pink high heels.  The hair is straight parted in the middle and hangs down to her knees.  The stick out eyelashes, silver blue eyebrows, long unpolished fingernails, and very tan color are doll’s distinctive  features.   The knees click bend, head turns and tilts, wrists bend, arms are soft vinyl but do not hold a pose, and shoulders move forward and backwards.  No other accessories came with the doll.

Price check the Cher (1976) doll on Amazon

Price check the Cher (1976) doll on Ebay

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  1. How much is this doll worth

  2. How do I tell what year my doll was made in? Mine looks like this one if so how much is it?

  3. The 1976 Mego Cher doll’s bending elbows do, in fact, hold a pose. If the doll’s elbows no longer hold a pose, it’s due to age and playwear, which can eventually break the mechanism inside. I have over a dozen Mego Cher dolls, and about half of them still have working elbows, so she can hold her microphone closer to her mouth.

  4. I should clarify that a later Cher doll was produced by Mego, and was a cheaper version of the original vinyl doll. She was made a little bit shorter, with a hollow plastic body, legs, and arms. She did not have jointed wrists, and her elbows and knees did not bend. The body was the only thing Mego changed on the new doll, apparently to reduce production costs. They used the same vinyl head from the original doll, with identical hair and facial screening.

  5. I have a Cher doll by Bob Mackie barbie collection Indian dress would like to know the value its in orginal box

  6. If anyone is looking for an appraisal of a Cher doll or outfits that go with her, please contact The Cher Museum – thechermuseum@gmail.com

  7. I have this cher doll but it says 1975 on her back . Why is she listed as 1976 ? She has original halter dress and shoes.

    • I would like to know that too as I’m sure I got this doll for Christmas in 1975.

    • The date refers to the year the body designed was patented( usually the year before it’s initial​ use) same with the head. They don’t have to change the date unless the body designed changes drastically. Hence every use of that body through 1981 would say 1975….

  8. I looked this up and the 1976 date is inaccurate. I found many Cher dolls online with a 1975 manufacturing date that’s below the scalp on the head. Do a google search. In 1976, it was a popular doll though.

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