Oct 292010

The Cher celebrity doll portrays her as herself in the 1980’s. Mattel  has produced four different Cher dolls, one in 2001 and three limited editions in 2007.   The doll featured here is the 2007 Black Label 80’s Cher Bob Mackie Doll  designed by Bill Greening. It is wearing  a reproduction of the updated version of the 1989 If I Could Turn Back Time costume she wore in the music video. Because of the skimpy outfit (much skimpier than the one on the doll), MTV at the time banned the video and eventually would only play it after 9PM. In 2010 at the age of 64, Cher appeared on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in the famous costume (similar to the one on the doll) to present an award and joked about how the times have changed.

Mattel’s Black Label dolls are for the adult collector over age 14 and Mattel designed the clear plastic box front with fogged sections to block out the naughty parts.  The doll is wearing a black faux leather jacket complete with studs, buckles, and chains.  It has thigh high black faux leather boots over a black fishnet body suit that includes a faux leather glittered decorated black leather bathing  suit, garter belts, and black thigh high socks.   The costume is topped off with dangle earrings, a hand microphone, glitter eye shadow, and pink nail polish.  A removable black hair net covers the dolls curly long hair. The costume does not come off.

Both the arms and legs are in a fixed position but the shoulder and hip joints do move, although the delicate costume limits the movement somewhat.  The head turns and tilts.

Mego made a Cher doll in 1976 when the Sonny & Cher TV series was popular.  That doll is also included in the Celebrity Doll Museum.  Cher has an official website at www.cher.com and her forum under merchandising has some good posts where you can learn more about Cher dolls and other collectibles. This is a particularly good one on dolls.

Price check the Cher (2007) doll on Ebay

Price check the Cher (2007) doll on Amazon

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