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The Harrison Ford celebrity vinyl doll depicts Han Solo from the original Star Wars movie, episode #4.   The 12 inch action figure was made by Hasbro in 1996 as part of the Star Wars Collectors Series.

From the box:

A young Corellian named Han Solo entered the Imperial Space Academy to begin a promising military career. Graduating with honors, the hot-shot pilot joined the Imperial Navy, but a twist of fate soon changed his destiny.
The Empire was using Wookiees as slave laborers, and when Han saw one particular Wookiee being mistreated, his conscience led him to intervene. For saving the Wookiee’s life, Han was court-martialed and expelled from military service, but was spared the death penalty. The Wookiee, Chewbacca, assumed a “life debt” to Han Solo and would remain at his side protecting him for life.
Han Solo eventually became a smuggler, accompanied by “first mate” Chewbacca in Han’s ship, Millennium Falcon. They embarked on many adventures together, and soon Solo’s reputation as one of the best smugglers spread across the galaxy. But on an unfortunate spice-smuggling run, he was forced to dump his cargo to avoid arrest. In debt for losing the spice, he arrived on planet Tatooine to face Jabba the Hutt. Once again fate would change his plans as he met an old man and an impatient youth who wanted to hire him for passage to planet Alderaan–no questions asked.
Authentically styled straight from the movie, Han Solo is armed with two blasters and is outfitted in the familiar shirt, vest, pants and blaster holster he wore when he first appeared at the cantina on Mos Eisley. This special 12″ figure, available for the first time ever, is destined to become a classic collectible.

The Harrison Ford Han Solo action figure comes wearing a black four flap pocket vest with loops on the back. The navy pants are black patent leather buckled with black and red ribbon stripe down the sides of the legs and a Velcro fly.  Underneath the vest is a cream cotton linen, long sleeved, open necked collared shirt. Removable black boots and a brown and silver plastic blaster holster that strapped above the knee finish off the outfit.   Included accessories are two black plastic blaster guns attached to the box insert.  The doll’s brown hair is molded plastic. All of the clothing is removable.

The doll is fully articulated and pose-able.

The Celebrity Doll Museum has many 12 inch Star Wars action figures in the collection.


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  1. Hi I have this doll with out the jacket or gun and he has a scar on his face could you give me a valuation please.

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