Jul 062018

The Gigi Hadid celebrity doll depicts as herself at 22.  Hadid is an American model and won Best Design Debut at the Third Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2017 for her collection with Tommy Hilfiger.  The doll is a Barbie Signature and was made by Mattel in 2017 and designed by Linda Kyaw.


From the box:

The TommyXGigi Barbie doll celebrates the unforgettable runway moment that launched international supermodel Gigi Hadid as global brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger womenswear. The look fuses Tommy Hilfiger’s signature “classic American cool” heritage with Gigi’s confident, playful and effortless style, for a doll that is the embodiment of the ultimate ‘Tommy Girl’.

The Hadid doll is a collector’s doll.  The soft microfiber navy, red and white Tommy Hilfiger hoodie is worn over white satin red trimmed gym shorts embroidered with a capital T and H on the left side and TOMMY on the rear end.  Navy trimmed white slip on style boat shoes are molded on the feet as part of the body.  The hoodie and shorts are not meant to come off. The body under the clothing is entirely wrapped in plastic wrap.

The doll is articulated at the elbows, shoulders, neck, knees and hips.  Head tilts and turns and the hips joint only moves forward and backwards.

Accessories include a clear plastic stand with a black base and a certificate of authenticity.


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