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The Kristen Stewart celebrity doll portrays her as Agent Phoebe Larson in the 2015 movie American Ultra. The doll was made by SWToys in 2017 .  This is a rather unusual doll in that while the celebrity is well known, the movie is one of her more obscure roles and even the outfit only appeared on screen at the very beginning of the movie for a short scene.  Nonetheless, the likeness to Stewart as a red head is stunning and the quality of the body, outfit, and accessories are outstanding. Perhaps the character was chosen for licensing reasons or the movie was less obscure in Asia.  The doll is an OurWorld Toys product sold as SWToys  no:FS010 , Phoebe, Ruffian agent, 1:6

The doll comes wearing multi-colored microfiber hoodie, skin tight paints,  high top laced sneakers, and black sunglasses.  The pants are very tight, stretchy, dark brownish green denim jeans and the velcro fly has to be slightly opened for the doll to bend to it’s full potential.  Multicolored sneakers have real blue thread laces that can be untied and or unlaced through the real mini rivets to remove shoes.  

The face sculpture has intricate details including painted lines in the grey green irises and bloodshot eyes.  The red wavy hair is long and loose without any glue product.  It could be combed but the delicate curls would spread out.

Accessories include sunglasses, gun, red bullet casings, and multiple sets of hands.  They come in small plastic bags with the doll in the foam insert.

The flexible soft rubber bodice consists of two pieces, the bottom one includes the butt up to the breast line and top one includes the breasts up to the neck head line. The two sections move independently as the body twist and turns.  Belly button and rib cage are molded into the soft rubber. Back arches and curves and twists at the waist.   Joints, legs, and arms are hard plastic and move in every direction.   Hands swap out from fists, trigger finger, and outstretched. 

The Celebrity Doll Museum also has Kirsten Stewart as Bella from the Twilight series.

The SWToys Phoebe version of Kirsten Stewart may be difficult to price check.  Best bet is Ebay.


Price check the Kirsten Stewart doll on Ebay Price check the Kirsten Stewart doll on Amazon



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