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The Grace Kelly celebrity doll depicts her as herself in 1955,  an American actress and eventual Princess of Monaco. The doll portrays her as Frances Stevens in the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock movie To Catch a Thief. The doll is the To Catch A Thief  Pink Label Barbie version in the Grace Kelly Collection made by Mattel in 2011 and designed by Robert Best.

From the box:

The 1955 romantic thriller To Catch a Thief is a stylish and sophisticated tale set against the breathtaking beauty of the French Riviera. The American expatriate, French resistance hero, and retired cat burglar John Robie finds his sweet life threatened when he is falsely accused in a series of jewel heists. Realizing that he himself must find the real thief and clear his name, Robie teams up with the beautiful heiress Frances Stevens, played by the stunning Grace Kelly. Fireworks famously fly, but will this elegant couple find true love?

The American actress who became Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly captivated the world with her cool sophistication, talent, and charm. This extraordinary portrait doll wears a re-creation of the lovely, icy blue gown Grace Kelly wore when Frances first sees John Robie in the hotel lobby. The exquisite doll-sized version is exactingly reproduced and features a dramatic chiffon stole.

While the blue gown unsnaps and appears removable, the shoulder train and strap are glued to doll shoulder and are not removable without disrupting the way the dress would hang.  No underwear, just the gown itself and blue strapped plastic heels.  The outfit captures the blue gown down to the lack of jewelry or nail polish the Frances Stevens character preferred.

The arms and legs are stiff but the legs are angled in such a way that you can cross them. 

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