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Dennis Rodman action figure depicts him as himself  #91 on the Chicago Bulls in mid 1990s.  The action figure was made in 1997 by Hasbro as part of the 1997 Edition NBA Starting Lineup Collection.

From the box:

The National Basketball Association rose from humble beginnings in 1946, when a few arena operators in the Northeast United States thought a basketball league might create enough interest to fill their buildings on nights when their hockey teams were not playing.

Today, the NBA is one of the most successful sports leagues and sports marketing organizations in the world, and the exciting sport of basketball has been the favorite of millions of people worldwide. The league is currently made up of 29 teams spread throughout North America, and NBA players are some of the most popular and recognizable personalities throughout the world. NBA fans enjoy keeping up-to-date with their favorite players watching NBA games on television all over the globe, viewing their favorite NBA videos and reading about their exploits in magazines and newspapers.

The NBA Starting Lineup Collection brings these vastly talented players to life.

From the inside flap:




The winner of five consecutive NBA rebounding titles, Dennis Rodman is one of the most overpowering defensive forces in league history. He is one of the very few players who can decide the outcome of a game – and of a team’s success – without taking a shot.

But it’s as a rebounder non pareil that Rodman has earned his status as an NBA legend. As a member of the Chicago Bulls’ awesome starting lineup, Rodman grabs the boards, at both ends of the court, helping teammates Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to concentrate on offense and rack up the points. In ’95-96, Rodman’s first year with Chicago , he captured his fifth rebounding title as the Bulls won an NBA-record 72 victories and an NBA championship.

Prior to joining the Bulls, Rodman spent two seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, whom he helped transform from a solid contender to a team with NBA’s best record in ’94-95. An Rodman’s tough and intimidating style defined the great Detroit Pistons team of the late ’80s, who played in three straight finals and won two NBA Championships. Drafted by Detroit out of Southeastern Oklahoma State in 1986, Rodman was named the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year in ’90 and ’91.


Dennis Rodman in action figure form is depicted with yellow hair and facial hair painted on.  No tattoos.  It wears a 1:6 scale red Bull’s basketball uniform including net sleeveless shirt with BULLS, 91, and NBA logo on the front and RODMAN 91 on the back.  White accents-2 Bulls logo and one NBA logo decals adorn the uniform shorts.  Underneath the shorts is a separate all red pair of shorts/boxers  White socks and white with red trim high-top sneakers finish the look.

The aciton figure comes with a slightly smaller than 1:6 scale orange plastic basketball with a stick out knob that inserts into the dolls hand to simulate Rodman holding the ball.  The doll is fully articulated and pose-able.

The Celebrity Doll Museum also has the Street Player Dennis Rodman doll in the collection.

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