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The Angelina Jolie celebrity doll portrays her as evil fairy villainess Maleficent in the 2014 Disney movie “Maleficent”.   The Maleficent doll was made by Jakks Pacific in 2014 under a Disney license in multiple versions.

Two Royal Coronation Collector Doll versions were sold as a stand alone Jolie doll and  in a set with Diaval (played by Sam Riley).  The Coronation versions depict Maleficent with long hair and wings on the back of the black gold glittered coronation gown.  The Dark Beauty version of the Jolie Maleficent doll has horns, no hair and no wings.  The photos here are from the doll in the set with Diaval.  Two versions Beloved Aurora doll (Elle Fanning) were also made.

The packaging of these dolls by Jakks Pacific was designed to make sure you cannot get the doll or insert out of the box and back in again unnoticed.  Tape, glue, and plastic tag fasteners hold everything from limbs, costumes, and the heads in place–no wire twists. The outside curved box is glued on the top and left side to the inside cardboard insert and taped in at least a dozen places.

The doll comes wearing a long black Coronation dress that has a black lace bodice with a floor length black chiffon skirt covered in tiny gold glitter polka dots.  Attached to the sleeves are a long trailing black chiffon wrap.  Underneath the dress are removable (back split) black knee high plastic high-heeled boots and a painted on black camisole.  Forearm length plastic removable bone/snake decorated bracelets finish the look.   The plastic curved horns and wings are permanently attached to the body.  There is no hair on top of the head under the curved raven decorated horn headdress if you decide to pull it off (unverified comb over possibilities) .   The full length wings can be used to balance the doll to stand on its own.  The Jakks Pacific Maleficent dolls don’t come with stands.

The doll is articulated as an action figure at the elbow, shoulders and hips.  The knees do not bend.  The head tilts and turns.

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