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The Fran Drescher celebrity doll portrays her as the character Fran Fine from the sitcom The Nanny. The show ran from 1993-1999  on CBS and continues to this day in syndicated reruns.

The doll was manufactured in 1995 by Street Players under license from TriStar Television. It is a talking doll that when you push the button on its back,  it repeats  the three expressions printed on the back of the box:  “Remember, the bigger the hair the smaller the hips look,”  “Honey, I know what I am, but trust me…You’re a doll too,” and “Sweetie, don’t ever lose weight for a guy, that’s what control tops are for.”  It doesn’t do the Fran Drescher classic laugh.  The doll’s batteries can be changed.

Hear the audio track from the Fran Drescher doll body speaker:


The doll is dressed in a turquoise stretchy felt two piece skirt suit with gold buttons and belt.  Underneath it has a a gold sleeveless top and baggy turquoise nylon stockings.  The doll twists at the neck and waist and the legs bend.  Arms are stiff  but move at the shoulders.  The accessories include turquoise high heels, a gold trimmed white terrycloth bathrobe, and a pink brush.

Another version of the doll was made with a black knit top, metallic leopard vest, and gold metallic skirt. It came with a red suit.

Price check the Fran Drescher doll on Ebay

Price check the Fran Drescher doll on Amazon

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  5 Responses to “Fran Drescher”

  1. You’re missing two dolls from this series.

    • I am missing many dolls from the total universe of celebrity 11 inch or so dolls. Funds are limited. If you want to loan them to the museume, we’d be happy to photograph them and send them back.

  2. where can you find replacement batteries for the talking Fran doll. Just received one I ordered but it needs new batteries. My daughter had one of these and LOVED it but we want to hear it talk again!!!!

  3. There’s a missing bonus phrase: THE NANNY WILL TALK TO YOU FOREVER!

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