Mar 282018

The Diana, Princess of Wales celebrity doll depicts her as herself a member of the British royal family in a replica wedding dress from her wedding to Prince Charles on July 29, 1981.   The doll was manufactured in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong for  Goldberger Doll Manufacturing Co. in 1982.  They also made a matching Prince Charles doll in his wedding outfit.

There are different Diana celebrity dolls manufactured from all of the world in her wedding dress and other stunning fashions she was known to wear.  Franklin Mint is probably the most famous with their 16 inch dolls.  

This doll is more of a play doll than a collectors doll.  The replica white dress and veil come off.   The likeness to her wedding dress is quite impressive for such an inexpensive doll  The dress train is  2 1/2 feet long and the doll comes with a bridal bouquet of flowers wire wrapped around the wrist and white plastic shoes.   Her hair is styled in the signature Diana cut.


Price check the Princess Diana doll on Amazon

Price check the Princess Diana doll on Ebay


The Celebrity Doll Museum also has the talking Timecapsule Toys Princess Diana doll and  Catherine (Kate) Middleton and the Prince William  wedding dolls in the collection.

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