Oct 012015

The President Barack Obama celebrity doll depicts him during his 2008 campaign for President and is titled “Change We Can Believe In”, The doll was made by DID (Dragon in Dream) Corp in 2008. Obama won the election and also a the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples.”

DID is known for manufacturing high-end, rather expensive, extremely detailed 1/6 scale military and famous leader action figures. The quality is in the head mold detail (i.e. mole on Obama’s face), face paint, clothing, and extraordinary accessories.  The Obama action figure comes wearing a dark suit with real buttons and the tiniest 1/6 scale real button holes, a flag lapel pin, dark black buckled belt suit pants, a white collared pocketed dress shirt, red and silver striped tie, and real leather black shoes complete with shoe laces and black socks. The doll is fully articulated and the hands are removable.

The accessories include two extra pairs of hands, an extra head with the mouth open, a real 1/6 scale wooden stool, a gold tasseled fringed cloth American flag, a plastic flag pole and stand, a watch, a silver and black microphone, and an extra blue and white dotted neck tie.

Price check the Barack Obama doll on Amazon.

Price check the Barack Obama doll on Ebay

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