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The Bruce Lee celebrity doll depicts him as a “The Warrior: Master of the fighting Arts.”  Play Along, Inc.  made this doll in 2000 under license from The Bruce Lee Estate.  It is part of the Bruce Lee: The Dragon Series that includes “The Legend, The Master, and The Warrior.”

From the box:



Bruce Lee is known as the greatest hand-to-hand fighter that has ever lived. Other experts, novices and extras on films sets continually challenged him to fights. Lee would defeat his opponents within minutes. He called on his inner confidence gained from years of martial arts training to defeat his antagonists through mental self-defense. He never lost a fight after the age of thirteen!

Jeet Kune Do is a martial art form encompassing Lee’s philosophy of “style without style.” It is not a system. It is a philosophy of efficiency, covering long range, close range and grappling. Master Lee combined the principles of martial application and explained them so simplistically that they translate into an infinite number of techniques. These techniques allow the practitioner to defend himself against multiple opponents as well as armed assailants.

The Warrior version comes in a navy Kung fu jacket, black karate pants,black belt, stick with Opera spear head, a sleeveless undershirt and wearing black Kung fu shoes with white socks.  The accessories include San Setsu-Kon nunchucks, boxing gloves, two axes, and two extra sets of interchangeable hands.    The doll has 16 points of articulation so it can be posed into classic Kung fu positions.

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  4 Responses to “Bruce Lee”

  1. how much would the doll be worth if i just have bruce lee in white shirt and black pants? he is in good condition.

  2. I have the bruce lee doll from the dragon series(The Master) still in the box never used but box was opened was wondering if it is worth anything?and how much?
    Thank You Michelle

  3. i would like to sell my bruce lee enter the dragon (play along item #75000) on amazon but when i enter the asin number i get nothing because i guess they’ve never sold one. neither has ebay. is it worth much?

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