Sep 262010

The  Snoop Dogg celebrity doll portrays him as himself, an entertainer, rapper, and actor.   The doll was made in 2002 by Vital Toys under license from Snoop Dogg.

There were three versions of the doll made: this version “Little Junior” with the gray shirt, “Snoopafly” in a single pony tail and black and yellow dress outfit, and “Little Junior” in a blue shirt with a black collar.  All dolls come with a Doggystyle chain.

The Snoop Dogg doll is unusually articulate with 34 points including the toes.  It can do everything both forward and double jointed except sit.  The hair is sculpted plastic and the doll’s face has sculpted eye lids.  The clothes have snaps, embroidered  initials “sDc” (Doggy Syle Church) on the jacket, a chain with the symbol on it’s pendant,  crew socks with slip on black shoes, and even striped boxer shorts with an elastic waistband.  An extremely fun doll to open and  play with.

Price check the Snoop Dogg doll on Ebay

Price check the Snoop Dogg doll on Amazon

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  1. hello, i have little junior in the box and never played with, how much are these worth?

    • Probably not that much, but check ebay completed listings. Those are the best market prices there are on what it’s currently worth. Play with it, it’s a fun doll.

      • Back in 2014 there was a glut of used Snoop Dogg dolls and they were selling on ebay for about $20. Now in April 2021, they have sold on Ebay above $150. If your Junior has a blue shirt rather than the gray shirt, it could sell for up to $300.

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