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The Hilary Duff celebrity doll depicts herself as an actress and singer.  The doll was made by Playmates in 2003 and according to the box “she is dressed in outfits straight from her very own closet.”

Duff became known in title role of the Disney television series Lizzie McGuire which ran from 2001- 2004. Later she starred in movies like Cheaper by the Dozen, The Lizzie McGuire Story, and A Cinderella Story. She also has three Platinum albums.

From the box:

Hilary Duff:

TV star, Rock Star and Movie Star…but most of all, she’s a regular girl!

Dressed in outfits taken straight from her own closet, each Hilary Duff fashion doll has lots of personal touches from Hilary herself! And just like Hilary, they’re fun, fashionable and fabulous!

The Duff doll is dressed in black baggy Capri pants, a beige and black flowered top, black high heel boots, gold cap, with a matching embroidered purse.  Accessories include a heart shaped guitar, wireless microphone, microphone stand, and a Hilary Duff Pixi Stamp. The box has a Hilary Duff Collector Card printed on the back. The doll bend at the knees  and the head moves up and down as well as sideways.  The arms are fixed in a bent position and move only at the shoulder joint.

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  1. There are more recent ones from 2006 by Mattel …and including her sister Haylee

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