May 112014

The Will Smith celebrity doll depicts him as James West, Special Marshall from the Warner’s Bros movie Wild Wild West.  The Smith doll was made in 1999 by X-Toys, Inc.

The doll is 1/7 scale at 9 inches and is a pose-able action figure. The outfit is a replica from the movie and consists of a black suit and removable black plastic cowboy hat.  The suit jacket is made a stretch material that didn’t have to be seamed on the edges.  Under the suit is a white shirt, shiny black vest with black buttons and a pocket chain, and a black with white polka dot tie .  The black cowboy boots are permanently attached to the doll’s legs.

Accessories include two guns, the hat, an ammo bandolier, and a holster.

Price check the Will Smith doll on Amazon

Price check the Will Smith doll on Ebay

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