Jun 102014

The Emma Watson celebrity doll depicts her at eleven years old in the role of young Hermione Granger from the first Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone released in 2001.  The doll was made by Mattel in 2002 after the movie release and was sold along with a Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) doll and other Harry Potter toys.

The Magical Talking Hermione Granger doll was made in 2002 by Mattel as part of their Harry Potter series of dolls and toys.  She says things like ” So clever! You’ve done a good job”, “Are you sure that’s a real spell?”, “Brilliant”,  and “This is the most complicated potion I’ve every seen” through an elaborate bead process.  The doll comes with snap together plastic charm beads that can make a human child size bracelet. Some of the beads are chipped to slide onto the doll’s left hand through a slot which get the doll to say a particular phrase.  Separate beads have separate sayings that play when you push the button on the back of the doll.  Just as the doll talking mechanism times itself to shut off it says “Good luck, take care.”.  A plastic treasure chest comes with it to store the beads.  A screw closure 3 LR44 button battery compartment is accessible under the play button on the back of the doll body.

The Hermione doll comes wearing a rose pink knit skirt with a blue, yellow and rose pink patterned long sleeve pullover.  Thigh high white knit socks and black strapped shoes cover the legs. Over that the doll wears a long black wizard coat and comes with a black plastic wizard hat as an accessory.  While there is no separate underwear, the pink skirt has a wide elastic strip than runs from the front to back between the legs like a built in thong.

The museum also has the  Emma Watson as Belle from Beauty and the Beast  celebrity doll.

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