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The Christina Aguilera celebrity doll was released in 2000 by Yaboom Toys in singing form and by Play Along Toys as a standard fashion doll.   It is an Official Singing Characters Doll that with a push of a button on the doll’s belly will play the entire “Genie In A Bottle” song .

To listen to the full “Genie is a Bottle” track recorded from the small belly speaker:


To listen to the short abrupt demo track recorded from the belly speaker:


The doll is wearing the jean outfit Aguilera wears while on the deck by the beach in  the “Genie in a Bottle ” music video.  On top a faux suede brown halter top decorated at the bottom with brown lace is under a silver buttoned denim jacket.  The jean jacket is tacked to the halter top on both sides at the front opening to keep it in place. It is removable if you cut the threads.

On the bottom is a matching pair of below the knees cuffed jeans with a silver button fake fly on the front and a working Velcro fly in the back.  No underclothes and the pants are removable.  On the feet are a plastic pair of high heel sandals.


The singing doll requires four LR44/A76 button batteries to play. It has an on/off switch, demo/full play switch, and a volume control wheel on the sides. The speaker is in the belly.  A removable white ribbon tabbed audio cartridge slides into a slot on the back above the screw locked battery compartment. Like all singing and talking dolls that take batteries, they should be changed every 5 years or so because they will leak and ruin the doll.

The doll is articulated at the neck, shoulders, and hips with ball joints.  The knees are click joints and the waist twists back and forth.  The feet are soft and in fixed high heel position. The arms are stiff at a slightly bent angle.

Price check the Christina Aguilera doll on Amazon

Price check the Christina Aguilera doll on Ebay

LR44 batteries on Amazon

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  1. What is the yaboom Christina Aguilera doll from 2000 worth

    • The 2000 version “red pants white top” is average $25-30 as of date of this comment.

      There is a 1999 one with “orenge” pants from the (genie in a bottle video) that one is average $20 as of the date of this comment.

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