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The George W. Bush celebrity doll commemorates his USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Aircraft Carrier landing on May 1, 2003 under the “Mission Accomplished” banner to declare the end of the Iraq War.

In 2003 Blue Box under its Elite Force brand produced the Limited Edition 12 inch action figure of George Bush wearing a Naval Aviator flight suit.   The doll is titled George W. Bush, U.S. President & Aviator.  The doll was designed by JFK Sullivan.

The accessories are so detailed and since it comes with instructions to use a hair dryer to remove his boots, the doll is only recommend for 14 years and up.  While all the extras seem like they would make the doll playable, the accessories are made with very thin inexpensive plastic especially the buckles and clips that would attach the accessories to the uniform. They seem designed for show only. The doll has removable hands/gloves that snap on so things like the watch don’t have a wrist to be used even it actually could fasten.   If the clothing with all its zippers, velcro, and plastic buckles  was removed, it would be close to impossible to put it back on the doll to resemble the way it comes out of the box..

The box reads:

On May 1 st, 2003 President George W. Bush selected the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in the
Pacific Ocean as the venue to officially announce the end of  hostilities in Iraq.
Whilst at the controls of an S-3B Viking aircraft designated “Navy 1” he overflew the carrier before
handing over to the pilot for the landing.  Attired in full naval avaitor flight equipment the President
then took the salute of the deck of the carrier.
The aircraft used for this historic event was from “Blue Sea Wolves” of Sea Control Squadron
Three Five (VS-35).

The doll itself is articulated for posing. What’s up with the left handed salute?

Other celebrity dolls from the Bush family include wife Laura Bush and father George H. W. Bush.  The Celebrity Doll Museum also has the Toypresidents George W. Bush action figure in the collection.

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