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The Clint Eastwood celebrity doll depicts him as Rowdy Yates from the CBS eight season Rawhide series.  The vinyl action figure was manufactured in 1997 by Exclusive Premiere Toy Products, Inc. Los Angeles, CA for the Best of the West series.

It was considered Exclusive Premiere Limited Edition Collector’s Series, but all doll boxes seem to have a silver sticker marked  #1 in the series of 12,000.

From the box:

The Best of the West
Rawhide Rowdy Yates

First aired in 1959, this series, compared to the other popular Westerns of its time, was an unusually realistic depiction of the hard-scrabble lives of the original cowboys, those men who drove the cattle herds up the old Chisholm Trail to the rail heads in the Midwest. Much of the detail was based on the diary of a drover who worked a cattle drive from San Antonio, Texas to Sedalia, Missouri in 1866.

It was the first time American TV audiences what this life-style was really like– the colorful language and the harsh day-to-day existence unique to these cattle drives.

The popular theme song–“Move ’em up, cut ’em out, ride ’em in, Rawhide!”– has become an ingrained part of American slang. Rowdy Yates was the hot tempered, hot-blooded ramrod, second-in-command to the less excitable Gil Favor, the trail boss.
During the last year of the series in 1965, a matured Rowdy Yates became the trail boss, and he remains one of the most popular characters in all of TV and movie Westerns.

1997 Exclusive Toy Products, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Exclusive Premiere
2029 Century Park East, Suite 2880
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Copyright 1997 CBS, Inc.

The doll is only 8 inches tall and wears brown fake suede riding pants, a plaid long sleeved shirt, a peach vest with white buttons, a blue with white polka dot bandana around the neck, faux brown leather buckled belt, and a molded plastic holster around the waist. The hat and boots are molded as part of the body.

A display stand and round gold Exclusive Premiere cardboard wrist tag are included.

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