Jan 022016

The Pam Dawber celebrity doll portrays her as the Mindy McConnell character from the Mork & Mindy sitcom doll.  The doll was manufactured  along with a Mork doll in 1979 by Mattel.   Mork & Mindy also starring Robin Williams as Mork was a science fiction comedy series that ran from 1978-82 on ABC.  Pam Dawber had another show from 1986-88 called My Sister Sam where she played the lead Samantha Russell. The museum also has the Robin Williams Mork doll.

The Pam Dawber celebrity doll wears elastic waist jeans, a ribbed belted red turtleneck, and brown plastic loafers. There in no underwear or socks. The knees bend, arms are pliable, shoulders and hips only rotate forward and backward, and the neck moves only side to side. The front of the long brunette hair is tied back with a rubber band.

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