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The Barbara Eden vinyl doll depicts her as Jeannie from the 1960’s I Dream of Jeannie sitcom.  The I Dream of Jeannie Fashion Doll, Episode 1, Lady in Bottle doll was made in 1996 by Trendmasters, Inc and licensed by CPT Holdings.  Trendmasters made Barbara Eden  I Dream of Jeannie dolls from other episodes in different outfits through 1996 and 1997. One is even a brunette from episode 125 called My Sister The Homewrecker.  The I Dream of Jeannie series also starred Larry Hagman and ran for five seasons from 1965-1970.

Mattel made a Pink Label I Dream of Jeannie Barbie doll in 2001 and Remco made another version in 1977.

From the box:

I Dream of Jeannie Fashion Doll
Episode #1 “The Lady in the Bottle”

The classic outfit from the very first I Dream of Jeannie episode! Jeannie’s beautiful hair is held by a headpiece trimmed in silver. Elegant, silky harem pants match her veil. A deep crimson velveteen jacket and cropped blouse complete the look. It’s the perfect outfit to capture Major Nelson’s heart.

In Episode #1, we find handsome astronaut Major Tony Nelson stranded on a desert island. When he discovers a beautiful bottle on the seashore, he opens it up and POOF!–the lovely Jeannie appears in a puff of pink smoke.

Now Major Nelson is the reluctant master of a Jeannie who can perform magic with the blink of an eye. But when she demonstrates her wish granting powers, EVERYTHING goes wrong — even Arabian dancers in Tony’s living room. Everyone thinks the astronaut has gone crazy including Dr. Bellows and Tony’s jealous fiancee. How can he explain without letting everyone in on his lovely, magical secret?


This doll comes wearing the pink traditional harem Jeannie costume, golden necklace, and pink shoes.  Accessories include a pink brush, a child-sized gold and purple locket and a small pink plastic Jeannie bottle.

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