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The Donald Trump celebrity doll portrays him in his role on the television reality NBC show “The Apprentice.”  The doll was made by Stevenson Entertainment Group in 2004. It is part of the “The Apprentice”  Collectible Series and the only doll in the collection.

In Trump’s voice it says 17 phrases taken from the show by pressing on the back.  It has a store demo mode which repeats the phrase  “I have no choice but to tell you you’re fired” until you flip a switch to play near the battery compartment.

Hear a recording of the Donald Trump 17 phrases directly from the doll.


 1. Stay Focused.
 2. Remember the buck starts here…
 3. I should fire myself just for having you around. This one’s easy for me, you’re fired.
 4. That was a tough one.
 5. Ideas are welcomed, but make sure you have the right one.
 6. Think big and live large.
 7. In my businesses you’ve got to be tough. You under performed and you let people walk all over you. As a result, I have to tell you, you’re fired.
 8. You really think you’re a good leader? I don’t.
 9. Brand yourself and toot your own horn.
10. Try to avoid shaking hands whenever possible.
11. Have an ego, there is nothing wrong with ego.
12. Never give up…under any circumstances never give up. 
13. Always enjoy what you’re doing.
14. I have no choice but to tell you, you’re fired
15. Go with your gut instinct.
16. Always maintain your momentum.
17. I made some mistakes in my time, but you really screwed up. When confronted with your mistakes you made one excuse after another. I hate excuses. You’re fired.

Hear the Donald Trump talking doll in demo mode.

(Repeats) I have no choice but to tell you, you’re fired

The doll is dressed in a navy blue suit, elastic attached red tie, white shirt complete with tiny white buttons, painted on black socks and permanent black wing-tips as feet.  The hair is solid plastic.  The doll is fully articulated in the arms and legs include wrists and ankles.  The head only goes side to side.

Price check the Donald Trump doll on Amazon

Price check the Donald Trump doll on Ebay

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  4 Responses to “Donald Trump”

  1. If you own this doll or any other talking dolls, please change the batteries as soon as possible or just remove them for storage. The doll is over 10 years old and if you don’t get them out they will leak inside and possible ruin the doll. The LR44 batteries tend to start leaking at about 7 years depending on how they were used or stored.

  2. I have this doll received it on my Birthday many years ago is still in a box is it worth anything since Donald Trump is President.

  3. On Ebay it sells new in box for about $23. It’s Dec 2017

  4. I have one. In the Box,
    original batteries n All.
    Turned it off after seeing that it worked Perfectly.
    I’ve been offered Way more $$$ for it than that!

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