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The Brandy Norwood celebrity doll was manufactured in 1999 by Mattel  This edition of the doll is called Opening Night of the Brandy Series.  Brandy was popular at the time as a Grammy Award winning R&B vocalist, the character Moesha Mitchell in the television sitcom Moesha from 1996-2001, and  star in the TV movie Cinderella.

This edition of the doll is called Opening Night of the Brandy Series.  In addition to the usual knees, elbows and shoulders, the doll is jointed at the hips for flexibility to replicate some of Brandy’s dance moves.  The stand is unique because the gold platform sandals can be hooked into the stand to hold the doll while it is made to dance or pose.

The outfit features a bright orange feathered collar on the dark orange stretch top with a orange satin skirt.  The cropped top is glued to the rib cage area to keep it from sliding up when the doll is posed in acrobatic positions.  There are also knee high stretch pants that just cover the knee joints.  The entire costume is designed to allow the doll to move in any direction.  A black microphone is included.

The face paint on the Brandy doll is exceptional, especially for a play doll in a reasonable price range. The Brandy Norwood signature feathered hair around the hairline is painted on. Shimmering eye shadow and lined lipstick finish the look.  The head full of waist length black braids is easy to maintain.

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  2. I have 4 different kinds of Brandy dolls if your interested

  3. I have Barbie Dolls. Brandy celebrity Doll. Casino clown dolls. How can I get the value of my dolls.

  4. I use to got this doll for Christmas 2000 way back.

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