Apr 042014

The Reba McEntire celebrity doll is part of the Pink Label Collection made by Mattel in 2010.   McEntire is a country western musical performer and actress.  One of the interview questions on the box asks her:

B:Tell us about the dress this doll is wearing and it’s significance to you.

Reba: The dress is very important because of the song “Fancy”.  It’s always the last song I sing in convert and I usually wear a red dress to portray the dress in the song.

The doll is wearing a red long-sleeved gown decorated with gold glitter. The costume also includes a silver cross necklace pendant, red high-heeled sandal, and a black microphone. Her red hair is style and glued in place.  The doll comes with a stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

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  1. I sure do enjoy watching your reba shows I have all the seasons on tapes. I also enjoy your singing. your hair is beautiful red and I have tried and tried to get mine that color but no luck as of yet. keep on doing your singing and making lives more enjoyable.

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