Oct 132010

The Boy George celebrity doll portrays him as himself when he was a member of the Culture Club group.   Boy George is a British singer-songwriter. The doll was manufacture in 1984  by LJN under a license from Sharpe Grade Ltd. as the Color by Numbers edition. It is titled ” Boy George The Original Outrageous Boy of Rock!” .

The doll is wearing a replica of the original Color by Numbers outfit with an off white linen jacket and pants with large red and black numbers on it, a long (as long as the jacket) royal blue t-shirt, black derby style hat, ribbons in the front braids, and red boots with yellow socks.  The doll comes with a blue microphone and a  bright yellow Boy George doll stand, but the doll easily stands on it’s own without it–an extremely well balance doll.

The doll bends at the knees, twists at the waist, and the neck turns right and left.  The arms are fixed and only rotate at the shoulders.  The left hand holds the microphone unassisted.

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  1. Would love to buy this doll but for some reason I tried to get on as a guest but wouldn’t allow it I don’t have an eBay account but if u email me I’m sure we can work out how I can pay you
    Thanks Tracy

  2. how much is the doll ?

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