Mar 242014

The LeAnn Rimes doll was made by Mattel in 2005 to  commemorate the success of the  country western singer and songwriter. She has won multiple Grammy Awards and starred in the movie Coyote Ugly.

From the box (also printed in Spanish and French):

LeAnn Rimes

Born is Mississippi, raised in Texas, LeAnn Rimes was steeped in pure country music from the time she started singing at age two. Eleven years later she released an album -Blue- that would sell more than seven million copies and win her multiple international awards, including two GRAMMY Awards®. Not content to coast, LeAnn maintained an exhaustive schedule throughout her teens, released an average of one album each year, toured the world and made her film debut in Coyote Ugly, while also contributing to the soundtrack. Despite all her accomplishments, LeAnn Rimes’ finest days have just begun. This LeAnn Rimes celebrity doll wears hip blue hiphuggers and a romantic, ruffled shirt – a lovely recreation of a favorite concert outfit.

The doll is one of the playable Mattel dolls and comes wearing denim bell bottom jeans, a chain and rhinestone belt, a pink laced tube top, 6 gold bangle bracelets, and gold high heel sandals.  She comes with a silver microphone, doll stand, collectable poster, and a keepsake kid size silver chain bracelet with a treble clef charm.

The dolls knees bend, arms are straight with rotating shoulder socket, neck rotates and tilts head, and hip socket allows for legs rotate forward and sideways.  This is a very playable doll with long hair that can be combed.

Price check for the LeAnn Rimes doll on Amazon

Price check on the LeAnn Rimes doll on Ebay

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