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The Drew Bledsoe celebrity doll portrays him as a football player in a New England Patriots uniform. The action figure is a 1998 Edition of Starting LineUp Super Sports Star Collectibles made by Hasbro, Inc.  The doll is licensed from the NFL.

From the box:



The youngest passer in NFL history to exceed 7,000 career yards, Drew Bledsoe is one of the league’s top young quarterbacks. Bledsoe startd on opening day of his rookie season, led a team that was 2-14 before he arrived to the playoffs in his second season, then brought his team to Super Bowl XXXI at the age of 24.

Bledsoe led the NFL in pass attempts and completions in 1996. In that season’s game against the Cardinals, he completed 21 of 35 passes for three touchdowns and NO interceptions.

In 1994, his second season with the NFL, he set all-time marks for pass attempts in a a season (691), attempts in a game (70), completions in a game (45), all while leading the league’s top passing offense. He did it again in 1995 and passed for more than 3,000 yards to lead the AFC with 636 pass attempts. Bledsoe now holds almost all the Patriots single-season and single-game passing records.

Before the 1994 season, Bledsoe was regarded as a rising star, but he showed fans just how much he could shine right from the start. In that season’s 10th game against Minnesota, Bledsoe exploded in a come-from-behind overtime thriller, setting single-game records for attempts and completions, and leading New England to a 26-20 victory. That game sparked a seven game winning streak that bolted the Pats into the playoffs for the first time in eight years. Bledsoe’s stellar season earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl, the second youngest quarterback ever selected.

Bledsoe began his rise to the top as an all-state at Washington’s Walla Walla High. In 1993, he was chosen by New England as the number-one overall pick of the NFL draft that year, proving to be the right choice when he helped the Pats’ passing offense jump from 26 to 12 in the NFL. Few young quarterbacks have had the kind of impact on their team or the NFL as Drew Beldsoe has had in just a few seasons.

The Bledsoe doll is fully articulated and comes wearing uniform, shoulder pads, football cleats, socks, padded football pants, a buckled belt, a towel, and wrist bands.  Accessories are a plastic football and a Patriots football helmet.

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