Mar 282014

The Vitamin C (Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick)  celebrity doll was make by Mattel in 2000.  Vitamin C is best known  as the lead singer in the band Eve’s Plum, for her Top 40 singles “Smile” and “Graduation” and for her album Vitamin C.

This is a one of the more stunning character dolls made by Mattel for play rather than collecting. The face paint is detailed and clean. The long straight comb-able hair is a saturated lemon yellow and comes with hot pink, orange, and purple hair extensions.  Her silver embroidered bell bottoms and multi-colored jacket are both lined with the same purple satin. A yellow tasseled crop top, sunglasses, orange platform shoes, matching orange brush, and a pink microphone are also part of the ensemble.

The knees bend and the neck and shoulders are rotating sockets.

Price check the Vitamin C doll at Amazon

Price check the Vitamin C doll on Ebay

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