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The Jennifer Lopez celebrity doll was made in 2013 by Mattel as part of their Black Label Collection. It is called Jennifer Lopez World Tour Doll and was designed by Robert Best. At 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez performed with Shakira (see doll) in the 2020 LIV NFL Super Bowl in Miami, Florida.

The doll wears a stunning replica of the rhinestone leotard see-through costume and silver high heel boots Lopez wore on tour.

The box reads:

J Lo

Actress, entertainer, music artist, film & TV producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and humanitarian: Jennifer Lopez has been called one of the most powerful and celebrated celebrities in entertainment.  She transformed the global music scene and starred in many #1 box-office films. This portrait doll, beautifully sculpted in her likeness, captures J Lo on stage wearing a re-creation of a sparkly jumpsuit created by acclaimed designer Zuhair Murad.

Here is a Youtube video of Lopez in the outfit on the World Tour in Paris.

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