Mar 202014

The Elton John celebrity was manufactured by Yaboom Toys in 1999. It is the Singing Crocodile Rock version.  A button on the doll’s stomach is pushed for it to sing.

Proceeds from the sales of the doll went to his AIDS foundation.

The doll comes wearing a silver cuffed and collared red suit with a sleeveless peach satin turtleneck  silver button shirt underneath.  The suit jacket and pants are decorated with sliver and white glittered paint and the jacket has a silver collar with silver cuffs and is sewn shut.  The pants have a Velcro fly in the back.  The body has white painted on jockey underwear.  The clothing is removable if you cut the tacking stitches closing the jacket. You can reach the battery compartment and switches without removing the jacket by untucking the shirt from the pants.  The doll can be balanced to stand on its own.

Accessories are a pair of rose colored sunglasses, red loafer shoes (no socks) and a black and silver microphone.  The singing mechanism has a cartridge for Crocodile Rock and uses four LR44/A76 button batteries.  There is a switch for the two programs (30 second demo and full versions) of the song. There is also a volume control.  The audio track cartridge pulls out of the back with a white ribbon tab above the screw secured battery compartment.

To hear the full version of the  “Crocodile Rock” singing doll audio track recorded from the belly speaker:

To hear the short abrupt demo version of “Crocodile Rock”  singing doll audio track:


The Elton John singing doll is articulated at the neck (side to side only), shoulders (full ball joint), elbow (bend), knees (click joint), and waist (twist side to side),  The feet are soft and rubbery and are part of the legs.


Price check the Elton John doll on Amazon

Price check the Elton John doll on Ebay

LR44 batteries on Amazon

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  1. hey so i have one of these particular doll I’m wondering if you could tell me the price its 1999 please get back to me soon thank you

    • I just got one on ebay for 125..but that’s because I had to bid on him ..I’m a huge fan and a toy collector so he was well worth it new in box and he works great

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