Mar 202014

The Elton John celebrity was manufactured by Yaboom Toys in 1999. It is the Singing Crocodile Rock version.  A button on the doll’s stomach is pushed for it to sing.

Proceeds from the sales of the doll went to his AIDS foundation.

The doll comes wearing a silver cuffed and collared red suit with a peach satin silver button shirt underneath.  The suit is decorated with sliver and white paint and glitter.  Accessories are a pair of rose colored sunglasses, red shoes (no socks) and a black microphone.  The singing mechanism has a cartridge for Crocodile Rock and uses LR44 button batteries.  There is a switch for the two programs (30 second demo and full versions) of the song. There is also a volume control.

Price check the Elton John doll on Amazon

Price check the Elton John doll on Ebay

LR44 batteries on Amazon

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  1. hey so i have one of these particular doll I’m wondering if you could tell me the price its 1999 please get back to me soon thank you

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