Mar 012014


The Brooke Shields celebrity doll was made by LJN in 1982 and licensed by B.C.S & Co.  (Camille) .  The doll came in three different versions pink sweatered sitting, blue sweater sitting, and a stand up Suntan version in a  yellow and white striped bathing suit.  The sitting dolls are labeled: ‘The World’s Most Glamorous Teenager’ and the Suntan dolls are named: “Year Around Funtan”.    Video of the original 1982 commercial for the doll can be found on YouTube .

They must have sold a ton of them to collectors because given their age, there are still in 2010 a fair number of them for sale on Ebay in the original box.   The dolls have her distinctive thicker eyebrows.

Price check the Brooke Shields doll on Amazon

Price check the Brooke Shields doll on Ebay

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