Jul 212019

The Kristy McNichol celebrity doll depicts her as a 15 years old in the character Letitia “Buddy” Lawrence in the Emmy winning television drama Family that ran on ABC from 1976 to 1980. The doll was made in 1978 by Mego.

From the box:


Kristy McNichol


She’s an Emmy Award Winner at 15, a busy Television and Movie Actress, and a terrific new Recording Star!

Skateboarding, Skiing, Dancing, playing Football, battling the best on TV’s celebrity sports…

Watch for fun-loving Kristy!



The doll comes wearing a blue and red wind breaker type bomber jacket, a pair of denim pants, white sleeveless shirt, and a pair of white plastic tennis shoes.   All the clothing is removable with no underwear. The the knees bend, shoulder and hip turn, and head twists side to side.

Included with the doll in the box is a promotional brochure of Kristy McNichol and her brother Jimmy McNichol’s fan clubs.

The vintage commercial for the Mego Kristy McNichol doll is viewable on YouTube.

To get the current prices of the Kristy McNichol doll use these links (Ebay is probably the best place to check since the doll is from 1978):

Price check Kristy McNichol doll on Ebay Price check the Kristy McNichol doll on Amazon


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