Mar 172014

The Bobby Orr celebrity doll portrays him as a former Boston Bruins ice hockey player.  The doll is  a 1997 Starting Lineup Sports Superstar Collectible made by Kenner (now Hasbro) and  licensed by the NHL.  Orr spent most of his NHL carreer playing for the Bruins winning two Stanley Cups championships.  His last two seasons were with the Chicago Blackhawks. He was inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame in 1979.

The doll comes wearing a replica Boston Bruins hockey uniform complete with  skates, gloves, stick and puck.  It is fully articulated as in typical Starting Lineup figures with bendable legs, arms, a neck that moves in every direction, jointed wrists, and swivel waist.    The skates come off and  the hockey socks go from the ankle to the top of the thighs.  The doll is easy to pose in hockey positions.

Price check the Bobby Orr doll on Ebay

Price check the Bobby Orr doll on Amazon

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  1. I got a bobby let doll not in the package what do u think it would be worth it looks really old I’m thinking one of the first ones out

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