Mar 262014

The Vanilla Ice  celebrity doll was made by THQ in 1991 at the peak of his commercial success.  Vanilla Ice’s  big single Ice Ice Baby was the first hip hop single to go to #1 on the Billboard charts.

Vanilla Ice’s real name is  Rob Van Winkle and in 2019 has hosted eight seasons of  a house flipping and design show called The Vanilla Ice Project on The DIY Network.   He still commercially uses Vanilla Ice as an introduction.

The Vanilla Ice doll is wearing a metallic gold spotted shirt with black collar, cuffs, and pocket.  The black  satin-like cuffed pants are slightly MC Hammer wide. Black plastic shoes with white socks finish the look.  Double stud earrings are painted on the left earlobe and  the hair is a molded Vanilla Ice signature bleached striped pompadour fading to razor-ed zigzags in the back . The left eyebrow is also razor-ed.

The knees and elbows bend and rotation motion at the shoulders and hips. The neck moves only side to side.

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Price check the Vanilla Ice doll on Ebay

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