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The Joey Ramone celebrity action figure depicts him as himself from the rock group the Ramones.  The action figure was manufactured by the Stronghold Group in 2003.

Joey Ramone, born with the name Jeffrey Ross Hyman in Queen, New York City, was a vocalist and songwriter best known for his work in the punk rock group the Ramones.  He died on April 15, 2001.

From the box:

In every generation a small handful of artists have such a profound musical impact they change the entire face of popular culture. Most of these artists still owe Joey money.
Joey Ramone 1951-2001  
Sculptor: MacDaddy Macaluso
Painter: Vince Odd-one
Package Design: Mr. Kong

While the doll doesn’t have removable clothing, the molded leather jacket has real chains and the doll has comb-able hair and removable sunglasses. It comes complete with mic, mic stand and shades. The oversized molded shoes make it easy to stand the doll.

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The Joey Ramone celebrity doll was donated by  AZ Punk Radio.  The Celebrity Doll Museum appreciates the donation and recommends listening/streaming the station while perusing the museum.

Listen here.


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  1. Great looking doll and fabulous photos. Weird how they made the hands so big.. Gabba Gabba.

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