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The Jimmy Osmond celebrity doll portrays him as himself as a young teen boy and was made by Mattel in 1978. Jimmy Osmond a is singer, actor, President of Osmond Entertainment, television producer,  club manager, and the youngest of the Osmond family’s nine children. He first appeared with his sister and brother , Donny and Marie Osmond, but at five years old earned his first gold record as a solo artist with a song in Japanese called “My Little Darling”.  He went on to earn five more, plus a platinum record and two gold albums.  He was very popular in Japan, the UK, and South America.  

The Jimmy Osmond doll was a part of a series of doll that included his famous sister and brother  Donny and Marie Osmond doll wearing matching outfits. The series included a television show play set and a variety of TV fashion outfits sold separately.

The freckled face Jimmy Osmond doll comes wearing a glittering, low cut, burgundy and silver one piece stage outfit with a sewn on silver belt with purple J on the buckle a low open V neck front with a 70’s style extra long collar.  The outfit is removable from a back opening with two snaps.  The shoes are black plastic.  The doll comes with a gray microphone that snaps into a hole in the doll’s left hand.


To get the current prices of the Jimmy Osmond doll use these links. The doll is fairly rare and not always available for sale.  The museum gets a small commission for qualified purchase using the following links.

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